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Hiring the wrong person costs A LOT of time and money.

Our tools help you know who people really are,

in order to hire people who become your very best.

Like you, we've had to fix hiring mistakes.  We know what it feels like to spend time and money to fill an important job, and feel like you've missed the mark.  Either you, or the new employee, realized this wasn't what they expected and had to settle for now.  Worse yet, when one of you decides to try again, the process starts all over.  What a waste.  When we don't listen for what a person knows and who they are, no one gets the full potential of that person's talent. 

There's a better way.  Our Crown team has helped hundreds of hiring managers hire and develop great people across the country through this proven process. 

When you experience a Crown Solution, you will:

    1.   Learn how to listen to the way people describe who they are, in addition to what they know.  We help you go deeper than the resume.
    2.   See how HR directors and hiring managers like you have used these solutions to stop wasting time and money fixing mistakes, and start hiring the people they always wanted.
    3.   Apply our easy to use solutions and grow a more unified team, using a clear process, aligned with your strategic goals.

As a Crown partner, candidates will see that your organization can identify and value talent.  The candidates you want to attract are drawn to clarity and away from uncertainty.  Once you align your process, the quality of your team and performance of your workplace will grow.

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Greenville County Schools

We had a great workshop experience. As you can tell, the training went very well...

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Philips Healthcare, USA

Crown partnered with our team to determine the critical qualities in our top... 

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School District of Holmen

Our staff selection and development tools contribute to our success more than any...

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Minnetonka School District

Crown provides critical information about potential new employees that impact our...

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Repiratory Motion Inc

I want you know the person you helped us hire is doing a superb job in his new... 

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Norris School District

We benefit immensely both individually and as a team. We continue to build on...

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District 128

Crown partnered with us to develop our future leaders through interview feedback...

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West Bear Lake Area Schools

Crown Global is the missing piece to our hiring process for key administrative...

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3. Design Your Solution

Together, we define a plan that unifies your people, clarifies your process, and aligns with your strategic goals.


  1. We performance guarantee our work.
  2. We help you personalize a solution.
  3. We collaborate with you in all we do.
  4. We are just a phone call away.
  5. We give you a voice in making things better.
  6. We are committed to ongoing customer care.
  7. We help you track performance to see progress.




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